Sunday, June 8, 2008


by Stan C. Countz

In life as in love there are no quick fixes
No ointments, no tonics or magic elixirs
I’d had my fair share of trial and error
That much disappointment is hard to bear

No one shared their charts
Their graphs or their manuals
So I made an appointment
with doctor Jack Daniels

He handed me a bottle with a yellow note attached
And, as the mellow liquor was slippin’ down the hatch
He whispered and said as I read the note of warnin’
“Take this and call me first thing in the mornin’”

If mixed in excess this could produce side effects
You could lose your friends and your self-respect
And wind up with nothin but the clothes on your back
Livin' in a shack on the wrong side of the tracks
And it was signed by none other than Doctor Jack

The note seemed cheesy but I shrugged and took a drink
It seemed too easy but I never thought to stop and think
I felt kinda queasy, held my gut and threw up in the sink
My head was poundin’, my conscience was houndin’ me

I was bound and determined to see it through to the end
But somethin' was still hauntin' me and confoundin’ me
Someone was wantin' me to read that note from my friend
It was surprisin' me and it was drivin' me kinda crazy

I thought back to the time before I got so off track
When everything in my life was either white or black
Now I’m sittin’ here in this shack cryin’ in my beer
Just me and Doctor Jack; cryin’ bitter tears
And wonderin’ when those days are comin’ back

So I tried to reach the doc on the phone
I was in quite a lot of pain
I called information and they said
they had no doctor by that name

So I cried out in frustration
and confessed my sin and shame
I bowed my head in humiliation
and praised His holy name

In desperation I hit my knees
and asked the Lord to intervene
He said “I'm comin' like a thief
in the night. Open up your heart”

I answered “help my unbelief
I don’t know quite where to start
A feeling of love and peace
came over me and, to my relief

The pain began to subside
and my mind began to clear
As faith replaced the space
formerly occupied by fear

And as I listened closely,
I thought I could faintly hear
The voice of Dr. Jack
ringing in my ear

It said “Faith in God, my lad,
has no bad side effects
He’ll bring new friends
whom you will love and respect

And there’s nothin’ He can’t do,
so expect the very best
Leave it all in His hands
and He will do the rest

Thanks, doc, I needed that
I needed that wake-up call
Help me to be a Dr. Jack
to someone who’s about to fall

To care enough to tell the truth
to those who don’t care to hear it
To pray a prayer that they will hear
the clear voice of the Spirit

Your life may be way out of whack
It may be wisdom that you lack
You may have gone to hell and back
or be under a spell or an attack

You may buy or sell coke or crack
or be in and out of the sack
Live in a palace or a shack
You may have just come back from Iraq
or from a stroke or heart attack

You may drive a Jeep or a Cadillac
You may use a PC or a Mac
But as for me, by God’s grace,
I ain’t ever goin’ back

Back to me and Doctor Jack
and that shouldn’t seem so odd
I’d rather it be me and Doctor God
I'd rather it be me and Doctor God